OK, what's it like working in Pornoland? Well, here's a look behind the scenes on various movie sets, still shoots, and autograph signings. The long hours we shoot on movie sets are extremely demanding, but we always find time for fun and practical jokes throughout the day, and I love the way the crew pulls together like a team to get things done well and on time. We often shoot 14-18 hour days, and it's tough to come up with the energy for a hot scene at 4 in the morning after 5 days with only a couple hours of sleep. But we help each other along, supporting each other in turn, and over the years, the crew has become like family to me!

Asia demonstrates the most effective method for sweet-talking one's way out of a speeding ticket The solvent they used to remove the mustache glue burned my throat so bad I couldn't speak for 2 weeks! Don't I look like that painting "The Scream"?? Wow, life imitates art! (that's a pie on my face) We started off catfighting, and ended up slathering each other in shaving cream. Don't ask - it was a fetish shoot!

Monkeying around with Steven St. Croix and some apes on the "Planet of the Babes" Contrary to popular belief, THIS is usually how exciting it gets behind the scenes of porno sets! And contrary to another popular belief, yes, porno movies DO actually have scripts - but nobody ever seems to read 'em! Some shoots require 3 or more hellacious hours in makeup, like when I played a virtual rockstar in 'Euphoria'

The general public has no idea how many of THESE shots it takes... get just ONE useable shot! (handy rule of thumb: a few more girls = a lot more screwups!) Every shoot starts out the same for me - 2 hours in hair and makeup, and I usually do it myself! Checkin' up on my stocks in the Wall Street Journal while waiting around for my next scene

Rehearsing a swordfighting routine with Kailani before the "Angel X" shoot for Wicked Pictures Practicing with my trainer on set - my stiff, heavy armor made it very hard to balance and move freely Wow, I could give myself a black eye doing these roundhouse kicks! Behind me is a crane used for 'flying' special effects, with wires and harnesses to hold the talent up in the air.

Outtake of a potential boxcover setup for Sin City's "Surf Club" movie. Now here's a shot Malibu could use for boosting tourism to their beaches! This shot gave me dejavu back to the Babewatch 1 shoot, when I was still pre-boobs like Aurora... ...and can you guess why I started feeling insecure about my lil' boobies after that shoot??

You'd be napping on set too if you had to perform crazy stunts like we do for 18 hours a day! My nickname on set is 'The Topless Grip', 'cause I like to help the lighting crew wrap after a shoot! Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel kneel before the World's Cutest Dictator on the set of "The Man Show" HAHAHA! Jimmy Kimmel getting a crash course in "Porno Basics 101" from Asia Carrera & the legendary Ron Jeremy himself!

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