Hi guys! I've got a boxcover shoot today, for a Sin City movie tentatively titled, "The Invitation". Wanna tag along? C'mon, you can be a fly on the wall during my shoot...

You wanna know something really sad? Often they'll spend just as much time shooting the boxcover as they spent on shooting the WHOLE entire MOVIE! The reason the boxcover pics always look so pretty, is because they'll spend an entire day in the studio just shooting that one shot, and then that shot goes on to spend several weeks in the hands of the graphic arts geeks, who airbrush and tweak and futz until everything's just right... (or sometimes until everything's completely ruined, but that's just MY opinion)

My call time for this shoot was 12:00 noon, and the concept we were given was 'like an Olivia painting', so I brought all the hair, makeup, and wardrobe stuffs that I thought would be fitting for that theme. The photographer also supplied some wardrobe, but in the last minute he decided to run to the store for fancier stockings, which tacked nearly 2 hours onto the day. We didn't finish shooting until almost 8:30 pm, and we were all quite exhausted by then! What a lot of work for one lousy picture, huh! Hehehe!

We owe this page to Clarkey, who spent the whole long day on set with me, taking these pics! Here's just a partial view of all the crap I need to bring with me for a shoot like this... Polishing off a 3-minute manicure with my mini-hair dryer - I come prepared for EVERYTHING! I'm called to the set in rollers for a basic lighting check, and then back to makeup...

Mugging for Clarkey's camera while doing some stretches before getting into wardrobe Here I am making the first of several wardrobe changes as the photographer tries to decide... Almost ready now - one last polaroid check before we actually start shooting for real... Waiting for the polaroid... I'll sneak away from the hot lights, but no mussing up my hair or face!

OK, we're all set now - ready to shoot! And here we go... The actual shooting usually takes less time than all the preparations! Since I'm an old pro, we usually run through the poses (and the film) fairly quickly I keep my eyes closed a lot between rolls so I can hold 'em open longer when we shoot

Hooray, I'm done! Now let's see which of these test polaroids I want to swipe for my website... At the end of the day, the model, photographer, and makeup artist usually fight over the polaroids But since I did my own makeup today, there's one less person to divvy up the polaroids with! Yay! Well, our job is done here - now we pray that the graphics geeks finish this job right!!

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