FAQ's Part 2!

  • 1. What's your career status now?

  • 2. Are you ever going to finish college?

  • 3. Are you going to do Howard Stern/Jerry Springer/etc?

  • 4. Who did your plastic surgery, and would you recommend it for me/my girlfriend?

  • 5. How can we avoid repeating your childhood story with our own gifted little one?

  • 6. How do you keep your bits so clean-shaven and smooth?

  • 7. Will you check out my homepage/sign my guestbook/give me website advice?

  • 8. Do you have any investing or stock advice to share?

  • 9. Do you have a MySpace page?

  • 10. How can I get into Mensa, and where can I get tested?

    What's your career status now?

    I'm a full time mommy of two now. I shot my last movie at the end of 2003, and I don't plan on returning to the adult industry. When the kids get older, maybe I can get some mainstream work. I'm happy I left the business while still in top form, and now the new batch of girls can take my place.

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    Are you ever going to finish college?

    Maybe, maybe not. Definitely not in the near future. I've always had a difficult time learning in a classroom environment, because I have an incredibly short attention span for lectures. Unless I'm in an extremely tiny class, where the teacher can monitor everyone's progress at all times, I inevitably wind up doodling, goofing off, and not paying attention. I can't help it - I learn by DOING, not by listening, and I'll learn the same in amount in a few days of hands-on trial and error, as from a whole semester of lecturing. Luckily for me, I'm extremely motivated on my own, and I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, so I just buy books on every subject that interests me and devour them at home. While many people will take courses for HTML, Photoshop, and other computer-related skills, I've been blessed with the ability and determination to learn it all on my own, with the aid of some good books, and a lot of trial and error. :) Over the years, my website fans have watched me muddle along with programming, graphics, internet sales, winNT & linux, and other website media challenges. Occasionally I've made mistakes for the world to see, or had to ask the public for advice from an expert, but over time, I've mastered a wide array of skills that other sites often employ several different people to cover. So even though I'm not planning to finish my college degree anytime soon, rest assured that I NEVER plan to stop learning and acquiring all the geeky knowledge I can get my hands on!

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    Are you going to do Howard Stern/Jerry Springer/etc.?

    No. Howard Stern scares me. Remember, I'm extremely shy, and he's someone who makes a career out of embarrassing people and putting them on the spot. I'd probably burst into tears about 10 minutes into the show, and that would definitely NOT be good promo for me! Hahaha! Same goes for any of those talk shows, where the public rips into the pornstars for their moral misdeeds, and sinful ways. I would not be an entertaining guest on any of those violent screaming matches and brouhahas like Springer promotes - I'd just get really quiet, while big crocodile tears roll down my cheeks, and they'd never have me back again! Not my cup of tea!

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    Who did your plastic surgery, and would you recommend it for me/my girlfriend?

    Knock on wood, I've had great luck with all my plastic surgery. But for every good boob job you see, there's 3 that stink, and even the ones that look good often have problems (I've already had my boobs redone once, to remove scar tissue, and I'm planning to have them fixed again one of these days). So before you decide "yeah, I want boobs like Asia's", give some careful consideration to whether you really think you're gonna beat the odds and wind up with one of the tiny percentage of boob jobs that look great, and are problem-free. The majority look very fake, feel like rocks, and need to be redone sooner or later, which can turn into an incredible ongoing expense. That said, I personally LOVE my boobs, and I'm glad I had them done. It did a lot for my self-esteem (not to mention the way I look in a bikini, hehehe!) and everything seems to fit better, especially strapless dresses and lingerie! I am no longer giving out the name of my plastic surgeon, because the last time I tried to book an appointment with him, he was already booked solid for the next 3 months. Argh! No more referrals for him!!!

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    How can we avoid repeating your childhood story with our own precocious little one?

    I get this question from concerned parents fairly frequently, and my immediate response is this - "the fact that you're even writing to me to address this issue means that you're aware of a potential problem, and taking steps to prevent it, which puts you miles ahead of the game already!" I get tons of commiserating e-mails from bright young people my age, (mostly asians) whose parents also pushed them far beyond the limits of what should be expected from children. Some are still struggling to live up to their parents demands, writing to me from prestigious universities, where they were on their way to becoming doctors and lawyers, and some of the letters were from unfortunate souls who had snapped under the pressure, and either broken off contact with their families, or run away from home, like I did. The sad thing about all these e-mails is that neither group seems to have found any happiness, because the kids who are pleasing their parents are resentful, wishing they'd followed their own dreams, and those who DID leave home wonder sadly if their stubborn independence was worth turning their backs on their family for... It's a no-win situation for the kids, so it's up to the PARENTS to prevent it from happening! Parents, of course you want your kids to do the best they can, and when you have an exceptionally bright child, that urge to push them towards success gets even stronger. But please remember that your kids are just that - KIDS, and they need to have time to play, grow up, and experience a childhood too! They're not little adults who agree that "sacrificing playtime is imperative in the quest for ivy league college acceptance", and even though you WILL know better as the adult, sometimes you have to step back and let them learn things on their own, and make some mistakes on their own. Try to point them in the right direction, without subconsciously forcing them down the path that you've decided they should take. The bottom line is, which is more of a success story in the end - A kid who's been coerced into med school and a huge future paycheck, while resenting his parents for killing his dream of being an artist/musician/etc.... or a kid who's struggling to succeed in a field he loves, with a supportive, loving family behind him 100%?

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    How do you keep your bits so clean-shaven and smooth?

    I just use a double-bladed razor with the little 'moisture-strip', nothing special. Don't shave every day, or even every other day, if you can help it, and that will help a lot with avoiding the little red bumpies and ingrown hairs. I always try to skip shaving for a couple days before a shoot, and then I'll shave at the end of a long, hot shower (that softens everything up) on the morning of the shoot. For stubborn red bumps, shaving nicks, etc, we often just dab a bit of foundation and powder on the area for coverup - but don't use makeup if you're wearing white/light lingerie, because it WILL smudge and stain if you're not super careful!

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    Will you check out my homepage/sign my guestbook/give me website advice?

    I used to try and check out people's homepages whenever they asked nicely, and I signed a lot of guestbooks whenever I could spare the time, but I just can't do it anymore. I get way too many requests for all of the above, including 'website making lessons', and there's just not enough hours in the day, sorry! If you need help with building your website, I did make a page with tips and hints for aspiring websmasters, including reviews of various software programs and helpful books to check out - just click on Asia's newbie webmaster help page!

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    Do you have any investing or stock advice to share?

    The only investing advice I give to people online is: "Don't get investment tips online!!!"

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    Do you have a MySpace page?

    My site is 7 years older than MySpace, so I didn't think I needed to be there. However, people keep stealing my identity and making fake pages. To combat this I have started my own, 100% real Asia Carrera MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/lildictator . And no, I will NOT add you as a friend. Don't even try. I only list my old pals from pornoland.

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    How can I get into Mensa, and where can I get tested?

    Mensa USA accepts notarized copies of past standardized test scores, (like SAT, ACT, GRE, IQ tests, etc), in order to gain membership. If you don't have old test scores, you can pay to take a Mensa-sponsored admission test. More information (fees, minimum acceptable scores, addresses) can be found at American Mensa's Homepage.

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