Ten years of doin' that godforsaken show in Las Vegas and I'm DONE!! Finito! The end!! Hallelujah!! Unfortunately I don't have any pics from my very VERY first CES Show back in 1994, because I was still so brand new to the biz that I just went as a fan to walk around and learn who all the various porno bigwigs were. I actually rather enjoyed my first CES show - little did I know it would be the first and last time I'd be able to casually stroll around like any other conventiongoer! With each passing year the fan adulation seemed to grow a little more out of control, until it practically required battle plans and covert operations team to smuggle me from my hotel room to the convention booth without being waylaid by mobs of fans. I remember one year I was so completely frazzled after three days of being surrounded by rowdy crowds, that I slipped off to the bathroom to get a quiet minute to myself. But two women followed me into the restroom requesting signatures for their boyfriends, and as I shut myself in a stall, another woman started shouting over the door, asking if I would just tape a few blurbs for her radio show! I quickly took care of everyone and then ran off, STILL looking for a few minutes alone somewhere. Then I saw a door that said "Do Not Enter", and I ducked into a quiet hallway just outside the convention area. Ah - alone at last! But before I could heave a sigh of relief, two security guards came racing around the corner. "Excuse me", one called out, "I'm sorry, but you can't - Heyyyy... aren't you Asia Carrera?" I nodded. "WOW!" they gushed, "I can't believe we're actually getting to meet you! Can you sign something for us while I radio some of the other guards to come over?" So I signed pics for all the guards, and then I knew I had to get back to the booth, because I'd left a big line of fans waiting there. I was SO exhausted I wanted to cry, but I put a smile on my face and bravely headed back out into the fray... Cripeys, I don't know HOW a social phobic like me ever made it through ten years of being on public display like that! I STILL get all sweaty and panicky just remembering it!!

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