Over the years I've found some porno pics just begged to have little captions or thought bubbles added to them, and thanks to my Photoshop wizardry skills, I'm able to do so whenever the urge strikes! Adding a couple of smartass comments now and then is one of the ways I amuse myself during the long hours I spend editing website pics. Up 'til now, only my closest pals got to see the silly things I'd send them while slaving away in Photoshop at 3am, but I just figured you guys might get a kick out of 'em too. Plus I was unable to resist the temptation of being able to make up a whole page with nothing BUT wiseass words! Hehehe!! Just remember that everything below is totally meant in a spirit of jest, and in no way implies anything but love for my co-workers who got lampooned here in my "Carnal Captions" section!

yawn.jpg simonsays.jpg themask.jpg cocksoup.jpg
analscene.jpg bobbit.jpg buttplug.jpg chickenjenna.jpg
crystalball.jpg flyinganal.jpg surfergirl.jpg pieface.jpg
prisoner.jpg queef2.jpg rain.jpg spacey.jpg
spider.jpg sunblock.jpg take267.jpg workout.jpg

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