Most of the beautiful boxcovers you see on adult bookstore shelves take a full day to shoot - often the same amount of time it took to make the whole movie! It takes about a dozen rolls of film, and a whole day's work for a photographer, makeup artist, lighting guys, and the model to get that one boxcover picture. What drives me nuts is when I go home with some great test polaroids, eagerly awaiting the final product, only to find that the editor picked an absolutely lousy shot of me! Below are many 'never-before-seen' scans from my own personal test polaroid collection, so you can decide for yours self whether they're better than the actual movie boxcovers...

I designed the "A is for Asia" box myself, so I could look just the way I wanted to for a change! We spent ages shooting pretty headshots for the "Snow Leopard" boxcover, but of course they never used them! Surprise surprise, I looked nothing like this boxcover shot at any time during the movie "Black Widow" Wow, look how Asian I looked with this makeup job on the boxcover shoot of "This Year's Model"

We actually shot this box for 'Webmistress' 6 months before the movie, for promotional purposes "The Devil's Tail" ice cave behind me was built by the same guys who did sets on "Titanic" This AVN Online cover shot came out surprisingly well, considering the photographer doesn't like me... Vivid shot this boxcover with me for a compilation box, so you guys would think it was a new movie - doh!

We deliberately went for an Olivia-style painting effect on "The Invitation" box. Don't let the smile fool you - I froze my ass off shooting this "Malibu Hookers 2" box! This pretty shot for "Hotbods & Tailpipes" was rejected in favor of a multi-girl shot. Rats! I played a prisoner in "Planet of the Babes", so I never looked quite like THIS in the movie.

The cover of "Corporate Assets" is Clarkey's all-time favorite Asia pic - he likes my bum! :) Despite the dominatrix garb on the box, I actually played a conservative psychologist in "Blue Dreams" Doing my best Elvira impression for a Vivid compilation box (unreleased, AFAIK) Another one of those Vivid compilation boxes... I think this one was called "Motel Sex"

10 lbs of extra hair stuck to my head made this pose for "Witches Tail" harder than it looks! I've never been fond of this shot 'cause I remind myself too much of my Mom here... blech! The photographer made me cry on this "Night Nurses" shoot, so the makeup artist got really mad at him! This was the second shoot for the cover of "Scandal", since the film from the first shoot was unusable

This polaroid is all that exists from my original "Scandal" boxcover shoot - the film got ruined in developing Despite the wings I wore for "My Second Love", the extra 10 tons of hair on my head kept me grounded. The makeup artist on this shoot offered to give my hair a little trim - and hacked FIVE INCHES OFF!!! After scarfing down too much pizza on "Sensual Recluse", they had to airbursh my tummy out - hehehe!

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