I get a lot of e-mail from webmasters asking permission to link to my site. Go for it! More publicity is good publicity, right? Feel free to download any of my buttkicking homemade banners below, for use on your site. I sit around amusing myself by making all these silly banners, and then I never know what to do with them. So here - help yourself! (The URL to link to is "")

*NEW!*Animated gif. File size - 22k. Width=450 Height=75

Non-animated gif. File size - 14k. Width=434 Height=79

*NEW!*Animated gif. File size - 32k. Width=420 Height=75

Non-animated gif. File size - 14k. Width=442 Height=78

*NEW!* Animated gif. File size - 25k. Width=450 Height=75

Animated gif. File size - 27k. Width=450 Height=80

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