What kind of personal homepage would this be if I didn't force you to look at my old vacation pictures? (hey, quit complaining - it was either that or an extended blurry snapshot documentary reliving every fun-filled minute of last summer's family reunion in Clarkesville, Tennessee) Look, if it's any consolation, I can tell ya that most of these places look a lot better in the pictures than they really are, OK? Really! There's no place like home... there's no place like home... well, except Jamaica... or maybe Barcelona... but Rio's not bad either... OK, OK, I lied - if I wasn't so friggin' terrified of flying, I'd go back to most of these places in a heartbeat! But there's only one place in the world that can convince me to get back on a plane again and again - Hawaii! How could I not feel at home in a tropical paradise where everyone looks like me? Hehehe!

Welcome to the Bacara Spa & Resort in Santa Barbara, CA! As you can see, the rocky beachfront scenery makes for a lovely backdrop But it was hard to get any 'good' pics 'cause of the other hotel guests The best thing about this place was high-speed DSL lines in all the rooms!!

Even the cabanas by the two heated pools had internet access! Now that's service! Bacara's got a full-service spa, salon, boutiques, etc - less than an hour from LA! I was so impressed that I forgot to flood the tub with bubbles like I usually do! But maybe that's because I had other things, um... on my mind! Hehehe!! :)

Giving heart attacks to the Treasure Island security guards in Vegas not only kept me amused, but kept me out of the casinos as well! Good thing I sat through those 6 years of Spanish class... you never know when you might have to fly out to a convention in Barcelona, Spain to sign autographs for fans... Goofing around at the Sandals resort in Dunn's River, Jamaica, and showing how I earned the nickname "Butch" back in high school Hanging out with my esteemed ancestors in the village of Tsuruga, Japan. (There's a reason for the statue's snazzy bib, but I can't remember what it is..?)

After a live appearance as a special guest host for Playboy's "Night Calls" in England, I did something I've never done anywhere else - I got homesick and went back to LA a week early! This is a surefire way to get a ride, even way out here in the desert wasteland of Death Valley! A handsome stockbroker took me to Brazil when I was 19, where he hired an airplane to fly over Copacabana Beach with a special message - asking me to marry him! A sign informed us that this was a "Lake Cachuma Scenic Picture Spot", so we felt obligated to set up the camera and make good use of the scenery!

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