These are casual pics of me around the house, hanging around, goofing off, and doing stuff I like to do when I'm not on camera. (Well, thanks to this site, now I'm practically ALWAYS on camera - but you know what I mean!) The truth is, the pornstar act I play in the movies is just that - an act. You'll never catch me wearing any of that pornoland wardrobe in real life - I don't even bother with makeup on my own time. I stick to baggy jeans, t-shirts, flannels, and my trusty combat boots, 'cause I'm sure as heck not going through 2 1/2 hours of curling, teasing and primping just to sit at my computer!!

Just bendin' over and petting the kitty... (I was all dressed up for Valentine's Day, awww!) Promo pic I snapped of myself after work for a fan who sent me a hat. Webcam snap! Someone sent me these tasty "Gummy Dildos" to try... I liked 'em! :) Check out the plates I had on my Corvette, hehehe! That's me - THEGEEK!

Boy, talk about built-in life preservers - these babies do float! But damn, are they HEAVY outta the water! Hm, I wonder if Dr Livingstone ever went marching around topless like this in the hot jungles of Africa? Bud lost my precious Tiggy before I could get him shipped out to Hawaii, so Don got me a new kitty named Slinky Just found out I was pregnant right about this time - so am I glowing or what?? LOL!

Asia cooking dinner for Don as usual... hahaha! Me craving peach cobbler after I shot some promo pix of myself at home. Doing my Tarzan impression swinging from bonafide vines hanging the Hawaiian jungle. Damn, I love this place! Striking a pose at the Turtle Bay Hilton on Oahu's REAL North Shore. (the Fox TV show is actually shot on the other end of the island) Posing in Hawaii makes a model's job pretty easy - no matter what I do, at least the view is always nice, y'know?

Don and I after racing up to the top of Diamond Head mountain in record time! *Phew* I won't be doing THAT again anytime soon! Me crashed out on an air mattress back while we were waiting for our furniture to be shipped from the mainland. Me supervising the movers from my hammock when our furniture finally arrived. (that's "The History of Ancient Rome" on my chest - GEEK!!) Ah, it's good to sleep in my own bed again! (Don took this pic to prove that I really AM a bed hog - of course I've always denied it!)

Before our real wedding in Hawaii, we had our own little ceremony on a mountaintop, reading special vows we'd written for each other One thing I love about Don is that he's so outgoing, and almost as comfortable in front of a camera as me! Nothing fazes this guy! I wish I had half his charisma! Scared Asia watching the LA fires of Oct '03 blazing over the mountains like a doomsday inferno... Promo pic I shot of myself for my pal Hypothermia, who runs (a computer geek site, NOT XXX!)

Me in the master bedroom, shooting silly staged stuff for AVN Online magazine The Dictator's attire on 'casual Fridays'... and most other days too! Mmmm. Delicious, low-fat, homemade quiche My spotless kitchen, back in the days before Mommy Asia

I'm a V.I.P. donor at the Agoura Hills Animal Shelter, where they've named a dog run for me! I also funded their KittyKat Habitkat, a big sunny room with cat toys, big windows, and NO cages! Just in case you missed my Halloween pic of the week, here's another pic of lil AsiaPooh! While I was back in NJ for a signing, I grabbed a REAL 'at home' pic - the house I grew up in!

The real Asia Carrera and her trusty HP! The mythical Asia Carrera who only exists in pornoland! How people imagine me playing Unreal Tournament... What I REALLY look like when I'm fragging butt online!

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