Big Myth #2246 - "Centerfold models are genetic freaks, born airbrushed and glamorous." I was chubby, funny-looking and completely unphotogenic when I was younger. I had no clue how to do my hair or makeup, and the things I thought looked good on me are really embarrassing now. (Like blonde hair - what was I THINKING??) Over the years I've lost the baby fat, learned to do my hair and makeup, how to pose and carry myself, how to dress and accessorize, how to retouch my pictures... and I've put my plastic surgeon's kids through college. With all these tricks, even Jabba the Hut could be a Playboy Playmate!

Summertime between 1st and 2nd grade - I'm 6 years old here! 7 years old and ready for my first day of school as a 2nd grader! 3rd grade, 8 years old, after a performance in the school chorus! 13 years old and feelin' all grown-up at a friends' bat mitzvah!

Asia the 18-yr-old model-wannabe strikes a pose on the rocks in Lake Placid, NY Catchin' some sun on a shoot in the scenic Malibu Canyons Very early Asia promo shot for a movie I don't actually recall ummm... same caption as the previous picture! Guess I'm getting a bit senile, huh! LOL!

Lookin' like a native wahine on the set of 'Hawaii', my first time ever in Hawaii! Cute lil' Asia was just a newbie on the set of Christy Canyon's "Comeback" With chubby cheeks and perky boobs, I still wasn't old enough to drink yet! The first thing every starlet does in LA is get commercial headshots - here's mine!

My first mainstream photoshoot, to go with an interview for "A" magazine, circa 1995 Yes, I did dance, long ago, but I quit when I started making movies My very FIRST nudie pic - I made him use a telephoto lens! Test polaroid from my first boxcover shoot as a Vivid contract girl, early 1995

Yes, I swear, that really IS me at 16 yrs old. Hey, we all make mistakes! Oh, what? Like YOU don't have any embarrassing pictures from your youth? I wore fake hair extensions from '93-'95, while my damaged bleach job grew out. My NJ fiance's favorite pic of me - I wonder what ever happened to him...?

Posing on campus - the Rutgers dorms are behind me Early test picture at an L.A. Photographer's studio Oriental Dolls ran my 1st layout, cover and centerfold! My first-ever promo pic was shot in NYC by Warren Tang

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